Media Production

Many of us have family memories on older media formats and may no longer have a device capable of viewing those memories.  Or perhaps you’ve taken movie and pictures with your phone and would really like to put that to a more universal medium.  Well I can take your old VHS tapes and transfer them to DVD.  Now I’m talking about personal video you have taken, I cannot transfer copyrighted material as that would be in violation of said copyright laws.  If you present me with anything copyrighted, I will have to say no.

Movies from cellphones, digital cameras, camcorders, etc… can be converted to DVD video. Some enhancements are available, however if the media is of a very low resolution, only so much can be done to enhance and enlarge the picture.  Personal soundtracks can be added behind video.  Sound can be enhanced or adjusted.  Various things are available.

I can also take old photos and convert them to digital and preserve them on CD or DVD.  DVD slideshow presentations of your pictures can also be done.  If you have old photos that are starting to show their age and you’d like them transferred to digital media and enhanced, I can do that to, within reason however.  I cannot take an old burned or severely damaged photo and make a pristine image from it, however if you ask I will do my best to make it the best quality I can.  Just don’t expect miracles.

I am also capable, and have done, wedding and graduation videos.  I can give you multiple video angles merging them into various shots, transgressions, and overlays.  Contact me for further information and estimates.