ARCH 2024


Honolulu, Hawaii

February 15-17, 2024

Physician Certificate

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Meet the stated learning objectives?

Identify the role of adjunctive imaging and physiology for diagnosis and management of complex cardiovascular disease.

Evaluate the development of new technology-imaging modalities, IVUS, OCT and CT angiography.

Differentiate the distinction between the specific clinical features of appropriate use criteria and the evidence-based summaries on which PCI guidelines are developed.

Describe strategies in improving quality and cost reduction in the modern cath lab.

Define technically difficult & high-risk subsets.

Describe emerging data for interventions to treat hypertension.

Appraise serious complications - how to avoid them, how to treat them.

Meet the stated overall purpose/goal for this activity? 

To provide participants with evidence-based data, newer technological advances, case-based discussions, tips and tricks in complex cases, and innovative therapeutic strategies that will enable physicians to treat their patients with high-risk and complex coronary, peripheral vascular and structural anatomy.

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