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CMEsolutions, LLC and Online Medical Education are dedicated to education for physicians, pharmacists, and others involved in the health care field. Our mission is to provide high-quality continuing medical education opportunities that promote lifelong learning for practicing physicians, pharmacists and other health care professionals.

These are samples of some of the services we offer. These are samples only and do not actually submit the information anywhere. 

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The learning objective "Demonstrate intermediate level joint injections using cadaveric models" was achieved. 

The learning objective "Perform all the injection procedures correctly and confidently under direct supervision of the instructor" was achieved. 

The learning objective "Describe the basic features of a centrifuge, micropipette and microscope" was achieved. 

The learning objective "Eliminate contaminating red blood cells from a biological sample" was achieved. 

The learning objective "Perform appropriate dilutions, load a hemacytometer, and complete a manual cell count" was achieved. 

The learning objective "Explain a dilution factor and how final cell concentrations are calculated" was achieved. 

The learning objective "Describe the principles of live/dead staining and how the viability is assessed" was achieved. 

The overall purpose/goal for this activity was met: to advance the educational and clinical foundation of physicians practicing interventional orthopedics.

Please identify changes to your practice as a result of attending this activity (select all that apply).

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The educational material was useful and related to my current (or potential) scope of practice.

The activity offered effective opportunities for active learning. (If you select “Disagree” or “Strongly Disagree,” please provide a comment below.)


The activity provided fair balance of information.

Do you feel the activity was evidence-based? 

Was this activity free of commercial bias? If no, please comment below.

The meeting facility was conducive to learning.

Learning assessment activities were appropriate for the audience.

The speakers were knowledgeable about the topic and provided the information in a manner that facilitated my competence and improvement in patient care.(If you select "Disagree" or "Strongly Disagree," please provide a comment below.)

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