David OvermyerMy name is David Overmyer. Since I began working as a Computer Professional in 1989, I have seen the industry change in miraculous ways. I wrote my first computer program at the age of 14 on a Commodore 64 back in 1983 and the passion grew from there.

I have spent most of my life here in Tucson, a graduate of Santa Rita High School in 1987. I took all the classes they had to offer in computers. Then I completed my college training in half the time required for my degree. I have been servicing Tucson, and increasing my knowledge of computers ever since.

I have filled the roll of programmer. technician, network designer & troubleshooter, systems designer, and manufacturer.  When I started working professionally on systems, most repairs were board level repairs. Soldering, wire tracing, component remapping. etc.. were all part of our function. I found that my programming skills were used less and less and my electronics skills increased. Then as the industry changed and components became more modular, parts became throw away items. Our jobs started becoming less electronic repair and more installers and troubleshooters. Now as the industry evolves even more hardware repair is even less required and more software knowledge is required. Therefore having a background in programming as well as hardware has proven a boon to my current level of expertise.