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Daemon: a novel by Daniel Suarez

Well, I set this site up in the hopes it would inspire me to write. So far I have come up with very little I felt I could put to paper, or white space as we are now in the digital age. However, I am still reading as much as ever, if not more so. Therefore, I have decided to add a book review in place of original story lines. As I am now conceiving this idea, it seems right that I do more of these in the future and perhaps increase the content of my site thus rounding out the process for you readers.

Thus, the first book I am adding to this site is one I just finished reading, actually listening to, which is Daemon by Daniel Suarez. As I began listening to this book, I felt that he used an over abundance of adjectives to describe just about everything from his characters, to what his characters ran into and experienced. Now using adjectives are fine to create a picture in the readers head, but an excessive amount can be distracting. However, I was just about to throw in the towel when the story line picked up and I was captivated. Up until that point I was only listening to the book to and from work, but that changed. Now, I was looking for a time when I could continue listening. Once I finished it, I immediately went to the second book Freedom, and am now listening intently to that one.

The story begins with the death of a programmer.  That programmer has released a Daemon on the internet that will allow him to continue life through the dream he has created.  Not exactly AI, but through a series of logical analysis, his reasoning seems to develop a life of its own.  Through a vast array of programs that initiate with his death, his Daemon, takes over industries, recruits followers, and kills as needed.  I modern high-tech thriller that takes advantage of a world interconnected via the data stream of millions of networked computers, servers, and mainframes, aka the world wide web.

The author has a very strong knowledge of the technology he is using and creating in his story line. As I was listening I was coming to the realization that the technology and technological advancements used within the book are quite reasonably a possible reality. And I find myself drifting to the “Darkside”, to steel a phrase from Lucas, and wondering just what it would be like to have this as a reality. Yes, I am purposefully being vague on concepts and design. I would hate to spoil any part of this wonderful book for any of you.

I strongly recommend this book, especially for anyone with strong computer backgrounds.


Writer’s Note!! As you will find, I purposefully keep my reviews short and make the utmost attempt to avoid spoilers in them. After reading my reviews I want you interested in reading the novel, without knowing too many of the treasures hidden in the book. If you are dissatisfied with this, leave a comment, and after enough comments appear asking for more content, then I will be happy to extend my reviews. Thank you for reading.

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