I Can’t Connect to the Internet

You just tried accessing the internet and it says unable to load page, or no connection found.

Commonly this is a connection problem from your modem to your internet service provider. The first thing to do is unplug the power from your router and modem. Then reconnect the modem first, wait a few seconds for the lights to start cycling, then reconnect the router. Sometimes you may need to wait a minute or so for the modem to finish cycling and become stable before reconnecting the router. Make sure that all the correct lights appear on both your modem and router. If there is an outage in the area then the link/internet light on the modem will fail to stop blinking or go green. Models will vary as to what lights they show, but there is generally one light that shows a connection. Then try connecting again, this often solves the issue. On occasion the modem gets data stuck in it and loses connection, or something may have tried tunneling into your router, and the firewall shut communications down.

If this fails to solve it, I suggest running a full virus scan with whatever virus security your have installed. After that completes, I suggest running a full malware scan and see what that finds. I recommend Malwarebytes, but there are a great many anti-malware programs available, any one of them should be adequate to do the job. Malwarebytes actively monitors traffic on the system in an attempt to stop the malware from getting on the system in the first place.

If you still cannot get online you may try either rolling back the network card driver, Microsoft may have updated the driver and the new driver may be preventing you from connecting, or downloading a newer driver from the manufacturers website.

If, after all of this, you are still unable to connect to the internet, then I would recommend calling a professional and have them diagnose, and hopefully repair, your issues.

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