Microsoft just Called, I’m Infected !!

You just got a call from Microsoft telling you that they have found that your system is infected, and they want you to give them access to your computer. Don’t do it. Microsoft will not do this. They do not monitor your system, they will not know if you are infected. This is a scam to gain access to your computer and your money. If you gave these people access to your computer, you are almost certainly infected with a virus, now.

These guys get access to your computer, make it look like they are installing beneficial programs on your system. They may actually install some beneficial programs, but the bulk of what they have done is simply a smoke screen. They now have access to your files, they have your IP address, and they have a doorway into your computer.

They will act like they are the only ones that can clean your machine. They will try to bully you into installing their product. However, once they are in, they will continue to come back every few months or so, telling you the have found the more infections have gotten onto your computer, and you need to have them access the system again. The only thing they are doing is coming back for more money.

If your lucky, you will be able to run your anti-virus program, and an anti-malware program and remove the items they have put on the system. I recommend Avast Anti-Virus and Malwarebytes Anti-Malware. More than likely you will need to have a qualified technician look at your machine and clean it out for you.

You can stop this if you play smart. Just remember, Microsoft will not call you about infections, your cable company will not call you about infections (unless you are infecting them), Intuit will not call about infections, the Government is not watching your internet for infections. All of these that I mention, are scams that I have run across. Play it smart, don’t be fooled by these fast talking con-men and women.

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